Andrew Codispoti

Vim-wielding Pythonista

Who am I?

I am a work-a-holic and a perfectionist. In my spare time I try to be an avid city explorer.

Recently, I have dedicated some time to learning a bit about the (massive) field of Machine Learning. I've taken a few MOOC's in my spare time. I've also tried my hand at working to solve some basic problems using machine learning techniques.

What have I done?


If I need to solve a problem, I usually reach for my terminal and start up a Python prompt. I've worked with Python at Wish where I was a the primary merchant facing payments engineer, dealing with high volume payments (on the order of hundreds of millions of dollars bi-weekly). I also completed several courses which involved using Python to solve a variety of problems by implementing basic machine learning algorithms. I've also played around with making some simple neural nets as well as some genetic algorithms.


Most recently, I have worked towards making significant modifications to NodeJS and the V8 runtime bundled with the framework at Asana. I helped implement OS level forking in NodeJS. I also have accumulated a portfolio of C++ projects from school which range from sorting algorithms, to a compiler, even my own compression algorithm.

iOS / MacOS

I am a professional iOS developer with experience developing application for iOS and the Apple Watch at I have delved into large Objective C code bases, though I have also (luckily or unluckily) had experience to all Swift versions, all the way from 1 to 3. I also maintain a forked version of MacDown which adds vim keybindings to the editor.


I was an Android developer at Coursera. If you open up the Coursera application, and you see the timeline on your homepage, that was a custom Android widget I developed. Also while at Coursera I designed and developed a custom audio streaming architecture allowing for background audio to work seamlessly. I also made several contributions to a custom content rendering system used across the application.